Welcome to Instagram, the social media platform where you can view countless perfectly curated feeds done by influencers and brands alike.

Having a well thought out feed ensures your brand has a visual voice. It’s like a business card and the face of your business, which is why it is important to have the perfect Instagram feed. Love a curated feed? Then you’ve clicked on the right article. Follow our tips to best showcase your brand on the ‘Gram.

1. Choose a theme

Call it a vibe if you will. The theme is what your feed will look like overall and is your brand’s visual personality. Your theme should match your brand and brand voice. For example, medical supplies won’t have a rich, dark theme but rather a crisp, light theme to convey cleanliness and trustworthiness.

2. Choose what you want to post about

Your theme isn’t just about the colour palette you choose. It also involves what you decide to post about and the captions you write. Think of your favourite brands. They all write a relevant caption to the photo and they will usually discuss the topics they are passionate about and that resonates with their brand. The topics that are discussed usually sparks conversation in the comments.

3. Pick ONE filter

Consistency is key to creating the perfect feed for your brand. Using multiple filters will make your feed look messy.

4. Colour coordinate

Much like an outfit, colour coordination can level up your ‘Gram game. Pick two to three colours you will always use in your photos. This will tie in the look of your feed.

5. Check photo backgrounds

Keep your backgrounds as clean as possible, because you don’t want the background to distract from the image you are posting.
Do you have tips you’d like to add to our list? Tell us in the comments.