Love them or hate them, emojis have become engrained in our daily lives, as well as in various marketing campaigns, especially those aimed at younger audiences. However, social media has been abuzz this month due to the announcement that new emojis will be released later in 2019.


A recent campaign by the charity, Scope, has been given the green light to roll out a new range of emojis that aim to bring more diversity to the way we communicate online and to readdress the underrepresentation of disabled individuals.

The new emojis include hearing aids, guide dogs and wheelchairs to name a few.

Image: Sky News

Another campaign, launched by Plan International UK, will also see another emoji making its way onto our screens – the menstrual blood drop emoji. The aim of having this emoji is to smash stigma and change the conversation surrounding girls and women’s rights.

Some of the other emojis that will pop up on your smartphone includes a waffle, interracial couples, yawning faces, raccoons and a pot containing a South American drink called Maté.

In total, 230 new emojis will be released this year in what is the sixth major update to the official emoji list. The official list is maintained by a California-based group made up of various software developers and representatives of computing companies. Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter are given Unicodes for the various emojis and can change the code to their own whims to ensure their emojis look different and can be recognized by other software users. All users must be able to still identify the specific emoji and know what it is and means.

What do you think of the updated emoji list?

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