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  • AdWords is scalable
  • AdWords is measurable
  • AdWords is flexible
  • AdWords is faster than SEO
  • And usually easier than SEO



We’ll handle your account setup if you don’t already have one. It includes Google Analytics setup as well as Search Console.


We’ll research all the keywords you’ll need to make your campaigns as profitable as possible.


We research your competitors to ensure we come up with a winning Google AdWord campaign.


Your website is the first impression of your business…

In a vast ocean of businesses who advertise online, you have to constantly make a splash to get noticed by your target audiences. Google advertising, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is an effective and affordable means to enable you to do so.

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What does pay-per-click advertising mean?

Pay-per-click (PPC), AKA cost-per-click (CPC), is an advertising method that can be used to advertise your business on specific sites on the internet, that allows you to only pay for every person that actually clicks on your ad, or clicks through to your website.

The moment people click on your ad, or click through to your website, it means they’re already interested in what you offer, which in turn increases your likelihood of achieving a conversion (getting the person to take the desired action). Which all equates to a greater return on your investment.

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Where do these Google AdWords appear?

Our Google ad boffins are totally au fait with the most popular Google networks, and they will make sure your ads are displayed where you’ll obtain maximum exposure, including the likes of YouTube, Gmail, Blogger or Google Finance. The ads are also created for optimal display on all the key devices, such as your PC, mobile devices and apps.

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What should my Google Ads look like?

Google ads could be created in a range of formats, including videos, images, GIFs or any digital content that is most suited to view online, from all the different mediums and platforms. Fortunately, our team of creatives are to your avail, and will make sure your ads are ultra-impactful.

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