Think of all the time you spend on social media. Which posts truly capture your attention? It’s critical for social media managers to identify what works and is enticing target groups.


There are a few types of social media content that assist in influencing audiences. Consider working these types of content into your next strategy:

1. Interactive content

Interactive content allows viewers to engage and digest content in more ways than just plain likes or comments. Think of the poll option on Instagram Stories. You’re more likely to stay tuned to a brand’s Insta Stories if they include more than just beautiful pictures or brand messaging.

2. Positive content

Posts that evoke strong emotions are more likely to succeed on social media. People love engaging with posts that evoke awe, amusement or laughter. This could also be the reason why inspirational quotes remains one of the most popular and widely shared content.

3. Visual content

Let’s be honest, we all love a beautiful image. However, visuals are also important in increasing audience comprehension. When creating your social media editorial calendars, focus on visuals rather than committing to text. Most major social media platforms’ algorithms favour images over excessive text.

4. User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is highly valuable in earning impressions and engagement especially on platforms such as Instagram. Regramming brand fans’ posts is a sure fire way to build brand loyalty. It will also encourage the fan to share with their fans that your brand shared their content. Just be sure to credit the user and add the right hashtags to increase exposure. A good content mix is sure to ensnare more users in your editorial calendars.

Be sure to sprinkle in short video clips with aesthetically pleasing static images, as well as UGC.