Think of your favourite brand or product. Chances are you can immediately tell us what colours they use in all their branding and marketing campaigns. Depending on the design elements and the specific hues used in your favourite advertising campaign, you may feel a range of emotions.


Globally, we are moving more towards digital and with that the principles of colour psychology are increasingly taken into consideration by developers and designers. With just the right amount of consumer data and more money than ever going into UX testing, we now have incredible insight into how we perceive colours.

But what actually happens when we see a colour? It triggers a cascade of chemical signals in our noggins which causes the release of hormones which then causes fluctuations in our mood, emotions and behaviour. Still not convinced that colour plays a significant role in a marketing campaign?

Let us paint the rainbow:


Pretty in Pink

Chances are when you see pink used in a marketing campaign, you immediately assume that the product is aimed at a female target marketing. However, pink can convey many different meanings depending of the shade used. Hot pinks convey youthfulness, fun and excitement and are usually used for products that are trendy for young girls. Dusty pinks are seen as more sentimental and lighter pinks are more romantic.

Pink is ideal for food products (think Dunkin’ Donuts) and cosmetics.


Green Means Go

Green is the colour of growth, money and Mother Nature. This leafy colour is perfect to use for call-to-action and sign up buttons and it also encourages users to add something to their baskets.

Green is ideal for nature brands, financial brands and calls to action.


Create a Buzz with Red and Yellow

Yellow and red feature prominently in danger and warning road signs as well as your favourite fast food with the two yellow arches. Ever wonder why though? Combined these colours have been shown to stimulate the brain’s excitement centres. Red and yellow, separately or combined, are often used by brands to cultivate a sense of fun or to showcase a sense of urgency. When designing your next website, consider using red for more time-sensitive calls-to-action instead of green as mentioned above. It works well with limited offers or specials.

Red and yellow are perfect for fast food, call-to-action and special offers.


Luscious Luxury

Think of Uber Black, black credit cards, Armani and other high end fashion houses. Black is a mysterious colour that exudes premium value and speaks loudly to those who can afford the finer things in life. Black also has a classic and timeless appeal.

Black is ideal for designer perfumes and fashion brands.

Picking the perfect colour is more than meets the eye. Whichever colour you decide to go with, make sure it fits your brand’s identity and personality.

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