Have you outgrown your web hosting?

Web hosting has a lot of moving parts and all of them need to work together to deliver high quality, uninterrupted service. Much like a child outgrowing their shoes, your business can also outgrow its web hosting or web hosting service provider.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when considering changing service providers:

What’s the time?

The loading time that is. A slow website, especially an e-commerce website, is a major revenue killer. If during testing you notice your site’s response time is severely lacking, this could be a sign that your current hosting plan can’t keep up with traffic demands.

Reputation is important

If the server you are hosted on is detected sending spam or hosting malware, the chances are good that its IP address is going to get blacklisted. That’s awful news for your business as it can affect a range of factors from email deliverability and search ranking.

The price isn’t right

A hosting plan that is ill-suited for your website’s traffic requirements can be more expensive than one that provides the necessary functionalities. Keep an eye on your monthly bill and assess whether or not all your demands are being met.

Growing pains

If there are any indications that your company is about to go through a big growth spurt, you should have a hosting partner that can custom-build a solution for you.

There are plenty of web hosting companies that can’t keep up with the demands of growing websites or do not offer any meaningful solutions when it comes to scaling options.

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