ignoring social media

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford


Many business owners make the mistake of ignoring social media. Whether you own or manage a large corporate company or a small start-up, social media is a very powerful tool to get your business noticed. The only way to grow a business is to grow your customer base; and the easiest way to get people to notice you is to be visible on social media.


Everybody is on social media

Ignoring social media is almost as bad as not being visible online. The businesses you want to target with your marketing still has humans managing and owning them. Chances are that the decision-makers do have Facebook accounts. Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users compared to Twitter which only has 330 million monthly active users and LinkedIn with 500 million users. LinkedIn is still the social media channel of choice for many businesses, but Facebook is the social media platform where you will be able to reach the most potential customers. Facebook might just be the place they become aware of your brand.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” – Unknown

Show people who you are

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which your customers are familiar with the quality or image of your brand. You can create brand awareness by being visible online. This ties in with your reputation, and it is important to manage the way you are perceived. Many individuals, when creating content, think of the company and how they promote the company instead of finding solutions to consumer problems. Remember, you’re creating content for the consumer; whether you’re running a B2B or B2C operation. Place yourself in the consumer’s shoes and promote the company from that point of view.


Building a following

Business clients care very much about your intentions and values. What better way to show them that you value your clients than having nice conversations with other clients on Facebook where they can see it? Linking to transparency, they can see how you respond to client concerns and decide if they want to do business with you. They can also see if your brand identity suits the idea of what they have in mind for themselves. You can direct your marketing campaigns at anyone you wish, making it very personal. Irrelevant audiences will not be exposed to your brand and you won’t waste any money on them. It is possible to target very large, but very specific, audiences.


What you need to get started

Don’t spread yourself too thinly across all the social media platforms – the only thing worse than no social media is unattended social media. Choose one or two platforms where you will engage with your followers regularly. Also decide on regular intervals to post content so that your followers see enough of you, but not too much. Once you have decided which platforms you want to use (hint: use Facebook), have someone with a creative eye design a nice profile picture and banner image for you. It’s also a good idea to ask them for branded templates you can use for your posts.


What should you share on social media?

You can share some “how-to” videos to assist your clients with issues they might encounter. You can also share industry news that they might find interesting, or you can share your own news relating to new product releases or services that you are working on. Another good idea is to create a blog and share the posts on your social media platforms. Remember to brand your content with your logo; if it gets shared, people can still link it back to you.


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