what is call to action

You’ve probably heard the term “call to action”, or CTA for short. You know it has something to do with online marketing and that you should have it on your website. But what is call to action exactly and why is it important?

Ninety percent of selling is conviction, and ten percent is persuasion. – Shiv Khera

Firstly, your visitors need to have a conviction that they truly need your product or service. You have to explain to them why they need it; create that conviction in them. And then you use call to action to persuade them to take the final step. It doesn’t work the other way around – you can’t persuade someone that they need something if they don’t truly have the conviction.


What is call to action?

Call to action is a simple statement that gives your visitors an idea of what action they should take next. When someone visits a website and they’re not sure of what is expected of them or how they can get what they want, they are likely to leave and find another website that makes it clear.


How to write an effective call to action

Visitors won’t just decide to call you or buy something if you don’t tell them to. Although this seems like a very aggressive sales tactic, the wording can make all the difference. You need to persuade the visitor to take the next step, whether it is signing up for your newsletter, calling you for a quote, or buying your product. How can you effectively persuade someone to take action without making them feel like you’re trying too hard?


Focus on the visitor

Using “you” language instead of “us” language can make a huge difference in the way your visitors perceive your business. By telling them what you can do for them instead of telling them that you’re awesome, will make them feel like you care about them and their needs. Compelling copy is all about what you can do for your potential clients.


Include a “why”

It’s all good when you tell a visitor what to do next, but failing to include WHY they should do or want something, can cause them to lose interest. If you can explain to them why your product or service is a good fit for them, you’re halfway there. You need to create the desire for them to be a part of something special.


Pick an action colour

Choose a colour that you will always use for your call to action buttons. This way, the visitor will subconsciously associate that colour with an action they need to take. It should still fit with your theme and colour scheme, though – don’t go putting a bright green button on a website with pastel colours just because you believe a call to action button should be bright green. Stick to the way your website was designed.


Don’t leave them hanging

If you don’t include call to action on your website, you leave your visitors hanging without knowing how (or desiring to) take the next step. Help them out and make that conversion!