Blogs that WE think are relevant, useful, and just plain entertaining – which is what good content marketing is all about.

Whether you’re into online marketing products, cleaning hacks, recruitment agencies, customer service tips, or even exercise guidelines, you don’t particularly search high and low for the best content on the internet, right? As individuals who don’t have all the time in the world to find exactly what it is that we’re looking for, we thought we’d make it easy for you by listing the top 5 blogs that WE think are relevant, useful, and just plain entertaining – which is what good content marketing is all about.

1. Performer Recruitment – your very own piece of employment tips and tricks

Whether you’re interested in finding the best employees for your company or would like to find a better job opportunity as an employee, Performer Recruitment specialises in the FMCG market – bringing suitable candidates and job openings together. Their blog consists of useful job search tips and tricks as well as information for employers regarding the recruitment process and what they should expect from an employee.

Example: Employer Problems: How To Find THE ONE

2. Pixel8 – providing an array of digital content and products to choose from

Working alongside freelancers to create various digital products such as logos, blog articles, business documents, websites etc. in order to turn a simple business idea into a successful reality. Knowing full well that you can’t operate a business successfully without an active online presence, Pixel8 helps you get there at an affordable means.

Example: Top 10 Logo Design Tips To Keep In Mind

3. Work.Train.Fight – helping you become familiar with health and fitness techniques

We all need a little bit of exercise motivation every once in a while, right? Work.Train.Fight offers just that. As an established boxing gym in Pretoria, Work.Train.Fight offers the perfect combination of health and fitness with their useful blog articles. Whether you need information regarding workout techniques or can’t figure out why you’re not losing weight, their blog is one to keep an eye on.

Example: How To: Choose a Healthy Chocolate In The Checkout Line

4. African Corporate Cleaning – need useful cleaning tips? Look no further

None of us REALLY enjoy cleaning, so if there’s an option to find useful cleaning tips that’ll make our lives easier, why wouldn’t we grab it with both hands? African Corporate Cleaning is a professional cleaning company offering contract or project-basis cleaning services, mostly to businesses and professional institutes. However, if you need simple cleaning hacks to keep your home ‘healthy’, it’s definitely a blog to check out.

Example: Food Storage Guidelines: How Long Can You Keep Food In The Fridge?

5. CareCall Retail & Distribution Services – your daily dose of customer service hints

When it comes to getting customer service right, very few actually succeed. Thus, it’s important that a blog exists to list useful tips and tricks relating to customer service; helping those actively involved in the customer service industry to deliver service to the best of their abilities. As a call centre offering customised communication solutions, it only makes sense that they would have the most useful customer service information available.

Example: How To Improve Your Company’s Sales Performance: 5 Useful Tips

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