learning management system

Every so often, employees need a bit of a lift-me-upper to avoid company morale from deteriorating. There are various ways in which you can add value to their work environment – most of which are temporary solutions. However, by implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) into the corporate environment, you’re investing in their future. Plus, you’re ultimately securing the future of your company.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. – Sydney J. Harris


What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

You can view an LMS as a platform for online, on-the-job training to enhance your employees’ skills. LMSs are intended for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology; and other related administrative functions used within corporate environments. It is a unified online platform which allows a large number of individuals to access it. By incorporating LMSs into the corporate environment, you add an opportunity for employees to further their careers within the company. It also allows document access to select individuals.


Benefits of adding an LMS to your business

There are numerous benefits of implementing an LMS in your business. Here are a few reasons you should consider it:


Make onboarding easy

Getting new employees don’t have to be a training nightmare every time you appoint someone new. No more repeating all the important stuff each time you add a new person to your team. The LMS contains all the necessary information to get new members of your team started, and you won’t waste other employees’ time and resources.


Improve employee retention

The easiest way to retain your star employees is to ensure that you meet their need for constant improvement of their skill set. Employees feel appreciated when training programmes are put in place to advance their skills and improve their chances for a promotion. By having an LMS for educational purposes, employees have the opportunity to access training material in their own time – improving employee retention and boosting overall company morale.


Reduce training costs

Helping employees grow and improve their skills are important factors for investing in your business. However, training can become expensive taking into consideration the added travel costs, instructors pay, course materials and time lost at work. Thus, an LMS offers employees the opportunity to study online in their spare time at the office without adding extra unnecessary costs on top of it.


Simplify training administration

We accomplish most things online these days,  and it only makes sense to add company training to the list. The right LMS has the ability to cut administrative task times in half – automating many repetitive manual tasks. Thus, the administrators can focus on measuring the results and training effectiveness of the course offered.


Manage and track employee progress

It’s one thing to offer employees the opportunity to further their career, but it’s another thing being able to track their progress. Our LMS can collect and analyse learning data to improve course capabilities – offering student progress and learning outcomes for each participant.


Feel the need to implement a Learning Management System into your business? At Elite Online Solutions, we design and develop Learning Management Systems based on your unique needs. Yes, I want more information!