holiday tips

We don’t usually think of the holidays as something we need to prepare for. But if you do, you can save yourself a lot of stress and the need to recover in the new year. Whether you’re just looking for some fun blogs to read when you’re bored, or if you want some serious tips, here are some holiday tips for this festive season to help you prepare:


8 Tips for planning your holiday social media schedule

Whether you’re a social media manager or you just manage your own business’ social media accounts, you might be feeling a bit anxious to switch off. Don’t be! If you prepare properly, you will have nothing to worry about. Read our previous article, 8 Tips For Planning Your Social Media Schedule for some tips for this festive season.

#1. Decorate your content with a festive theme


Holiday budgeting tips to get you through December

Are you feeling a bit anxious about all the spending that goes hand-in-hand with the festive season? Maybe you feel like you have to buy a million gifts, or maybe the new petrol price has you worried. If you plan your spending in advance, you will know exactly what you’re in for. Read Holiday Budgeting Tips To Get You Through December for some useful budgeting tips.

#1. Thoughtfully buying gifts


Cleaning the office before the holidays to start 2018 fresh

Don’t leave your office cleaning for the new year. Nobody likes coming back to a filthy, smelly office. Be sure to Clean Your Office Before The Holidays To Start 2018 Fresh. You might feel like it’s a waste of time and you just want to get the holiday started, but you will be happy you did when you come back to a clean office.

#1. Organise your desk


Tips to stay fit during December

Whether you’ve been exercising diligently during the whole year or you are determined to live a healthier lifestyle, read Tips To Stay Fit During December. This article gives some handy advice about maintaining your fitness levels during the holiday season. Don’t wait for the new year; there is no reason you shouldn’t start working on your fitness right now!

#1. Plan your exercise schedule


Healthy eating rules for the holiday season

It’s too easy to make excuses for not sticking to your usual diet during the festive season. We are being tempted by advertisements of ice cream and displays of Christmas pudding. To make it worse, we are either at home and eating because we are bored, or we are on holiday with loved ones who don’t share our commitment to healthy eating. These Healthy Eating Rules For The Holiday Season will give you a whole new perspective.

#1. Rule no.1: Stop making rules


Reducing holiday food waste

South Africans love food. We tend to prepare way too much food, especially when we have guests over for a meal. Then we try to save as much of it as we can, but most of it still ends up in the garbage can. It’s such a shame, especially considering how many people won’t even get to have a decent festive meal. Reduce Your Food Waste This Festive Season with these tips. They’re actually easy enough to implement during the whole year!

#1. Don’t shop hungry


The ultimate holiday reading list

If you love books, this article is for you! December is the perfect time to wind down with a good book. Many of us don’t find the time to read due to our busy schedules. Don’t know where to start? Find some thoughtful suggestions for your Ultimate Holiday Reading List. There are suggestions for each preference – from fantasy and horror to crime and drama.

#1. Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King


Fun thingsĀ to do when stuck at work this festiveĀ season

It’s inevitable that some people need to work while the rest of SA enjoys the summer sun. Are you stuck at work during the holidays? Don’t be sad – you can still have some fun! Here are some Fun Things To Do When Stuck At Work This Festive Season.

#1. Have lunch with a different person each day