If Google Could Speak: Hilarious Things People Search For Online

Google may be your best friend for finding useful information, but it’s our daily dose of comedy; especially when things are searched for which should never be mentioned.


As a digital marketing agency, we get to delve into the human mind a little bit each day to investigate what people typically search for on Google in order to help us write better content and target the correct group of individuals in ads.

However, we simply couldn’t allow the opportunity to pass where we share some insight into how people think on Google. Ready?

1. “create a blog for free and make money”

Is this a trick question? If at all possible, you’d be doing that and we would have no purpose.


2. “write a short article for a magazine about your business of muffins and beef stew”

Muffins and stew? Odd combination don’t you think?


3. “as the src write a blog about to imagine your brother living on the street and about encourage friends to become involved”

It sounds very honorary, but quite far-fetched for a Google search…


4. “fairy tale writing about you as a writer”

We’re not quite sure what they meant. It all sounds very “fairytale” like.


5. “the book for research marketing research jan wild&colin diggines it could be online”

Could it? Are you sure?


6. “how long to study hospitality and which collegs qaulify and which qualification needed and how much you pay”

Aren’t you an eager beaver!


7. “seven point how to manage stress with 70 word”

This question sounds very stressful to answer…  Sorry Google.


8. “animation robot sex video”

We have no words…


9. “how many 5000 litre tanks will i need to hold 50000 litres of water”

Skipped maths class, did we?


10. “best beach family holiday best beach family holiday best beach family holiday”

Were you trying to say “best beach family holiday” perhaps?


11. “family nudist camps”

Something about that seems extremely dodgy…


12. “turtle laying eggs on beach holiday”

Why does it have to take place on a beach holiday?


13. “best kept secret holidays in south Africa”

Google will never tell. Why? Because it’s a best-kept secret!


14. “what is an international driving permit”

You shall find the answer in your question wise one.

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