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Don’t have a wish, have a plan; have a digital marketing to-do list for 2018!

Can you believe 2018 is almost two weeks old? It feels like the start of the new year just sneaked up on us and whooshed by without letting us catch a breath. But, here we are, as ready as we’ll ever be! Not being fans of new year’s resolutions, we’d rather share with you a handy digital marketing to-do list for 2018.


Digital marketing to-do list

As someone once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”, so the best way to make this year a success is by having a plan. To-do list = plan, see?


#1. Improve website function

Certain elements influence your website’s ranking on search engines. The way your website functions is also very important. It determines whether visitors will immediately leave or if they’ll stick around and browse a bit. Consider the following elements of your website, and make improvements as necessary:

Your website should be mobile responsive. At the end of 2016, visitors using mobile devices surpassed visitors using desktop computers for the first time, and just continued to grow from there.

Your website should load quickly. If your website takes too long to load (large images might be the problem), people will leave sooner than they should.

Your website should be optimised for search engines. Using target keywords on your website (among other things) will improve your ranking on search engines and potential visitors will find you more easily.


#2. Update blog posts at regular intervals

Posting new content on your website regularly will also improve your website’s ranking. Blog posts give you the opportunity to add pages to your website, which means more content to be indexed. Aim for at least one new post per month, but posting more regularly wouldn’t hurt. Decide on a set time interval so your readers will know when to expect new content.


#3. Be smart about social media

Often, businesses will spread themselves too thinly across multiple social media platforms. It takes time and effort to manage social media. If you don’t have the time to do the effort, rather choose just one social media platform to invest in. Unattended social media is worse than no social media. If you need to decide on one, Facebook has the most active users by far.


#4. Track Return on Investment (ROI)

You should track your ROI to determine if the money you spend is worth spending. Analytics provides you with statistics you can use to determine the worth of your spending. Are you making a profit because of the money you are spending on online marketing? Digital marketing makes it very easy to track ROI. If you haven’t been paying attention to Analytics, 2018 is a good year to start.


#5. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Some people cringe at the sight of this term, but ORM is very important to your business. It’s something you can’t just ignore, hoping it goes away. It’s here to stay and you might as well learn to love it. With everybody being online all the time, you should be aware of what people are saying about your brand. Unfortunately, if you don’t own your brand’s online reputation, someone else will. We discuss ORM in more detail in our next article.


If you already have these suggestions implemented in your business, keep it going; if you don’t, consider adding them to your own to-do list. May your 2018 come with many pleasant surprises!