holiday social media schedule

The December holidays are upon us! We have some tips for your holiday social media schedule:


After a long year, many of us are anxious for this year to end.  If you’re lucky, you get to take a few days off. But with or without you, the show must go on! Social media never sleeps, and you might be wondering how you will manage to take a holiday. So before leaving on a jet plane this festive season, here are some tips for your holiday social media schedule.


Decorate your content with a festive theme

Your followers will appreciate the extra effort you put in to brighten their days with festive-themed content. You can also decorate your website’s banner and your profile pictures on social media. Remember to keep your business’ brand identity in mind – don’t go crazy with colours and ideas just because it’s festive. You can still look festive while staying true to your brand.


Run competitions

Pretty much everybody is broke by the end of the year, especially if they exchange gifts with their families during the festive season. What better way to cheer them up than giving away some freebies? Plus, asking them to share your posts to stand a chance of winning something, you get some free advertising as well. Just be sure to deliver on your promises!


Holiday social media schedule

Even though you might not be at the office, people will still be on social media. It is important to still be active on social media when your company is closed to keep followers interested. We’re not saying that you should take your work with you, but there are certain measures you can put in place for the time you are away, like automatic replies and scheduled content.


Schedule content in advance

There are a few different ways to schedule your posts in advance. If you only have one social media platform, it’s easy enough to just schedule your posts in advance on the platform itself. If you’re like us, with a few different clients and/or various social media channels, you might find something like Hootsuite useful. Also, check your calendar for specific dates you would want to post specific content. For instance, you might want to wish your followers a happy new year on January 1st.


Responding to messages

The best way to work around not being available to respond to messages personally is to set up an automatic reply. Include in the message the times you will be away and when you will be available to respond to queries again.


Tell clients when you’re closed

It might be a good idea to let your clients know if and when you will be closed. You can send them a personal email with instructions on how to contact you if there is an emergency during the dates you are unavailable. Alternatively, you can post your closing and re-opening dates on your social media channels.


Give yourself some real time off

Even if it is only for a few days, try to forget about work completely. If you prepare your holiday social media schedule and contingency plan properly, you will have nothing to worry about. Let your phone go to voicemail and don’t check your social media (unless it’s your personal profile, of course). Resist the urge to switch on your computer; it will only grab a hold of your attention and refuse to let you go after “just quickly checking in”. The world will continue to turn, we promise.


Plan the week of your return

Before you go away for the holidays, it’s best to plan the first week of your return as well. Knowing exactly what you’re in for when you return will prevent you from stressing about it the entire time you’re away from your desk. Even if you might be crazy-busy with answering emails upon your return, planning ahead properly makes the stress be less.


Whether you are working, staying home, or going away, be sure to have some fun!