social media activity

Social media marketing is a form of art that requires careful planning, a few strategic decision-making processes, and a passion for always improving the way you currently do things. Whether you’re a business owner trying to make it on your own, or a social media manager who’s relatively new to the game, always keep the following 7 rules for improving your social media activity in mind:

“Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline.” – Ryan Kahn


Don’t take on more than you can handle

Don’t be tempted to run social media accounts for everyone you can get your hands on. As humans, we all have our limits. Apart from getting mentally fatigued constantly switching between different accounts, you’ll also find that your content starts deteriorating; regardless of how badly you try to keep it all together. Know your limits and focus all of your energy on the amount of social media activity you can successfully handle.


Be willing to do plenty of research

As an independent business owner or social media manager of a digital marketing agency, you’re going to have to do plenty of research in order to hit the right spots; especially if you’re creating content from scratch. Research is your friend, so now would be a good time to fall in love with it.


Focus on the consumer, not the company

Many individuals, when creating content, think of the company and how they ‘promote’ the company instead of finding solutions to consumer problems. Remember, you’re creating content for the consumer; whether you’re running a B2B or B2C operation. Place yourself in the consumer’s shoes and promote the company from that point of view.


Be highly versatile

You simply can’t be someone with one skill, unfortunately. You’ll need to be highly versatile in your socialmedia activity; ranging from writing content for your blogs, creating graphics/videos for the social media pages, and becoming familiar with analytics. At the end of the day, analytics will tell you where you went right and where you went horribly wrong. It’s a trial and error experience, don’t worry.


Experiment until you find what works

There will be times when you post something that doesn’t resonate with anyone but yourself. You may find yourself writing about topics that seem interesting, but not interesting enough for your specific audience. Experiment with your content until you find something that works for your specific audience. Remember, what works for one group of individuals may not work for someone else.


Always be open to change

Social media is constantly changing. New algorithms come into effect. New trends emerge. It’s important that you get used to keeping an eye on what’s trending at the time and being open to change. You may not like it, but it’ll keep your brand in the competition. If not, you’ll be left behind.


Plan your content calendar a month ahead

Social media marketing is about telling a story. You can’t tell a story if you don’t know how you’d like to tell it. Which is why it’s important to create a content calendar; spending a little bit of time at the end of each month to plan out the next month’s ‘story’. That way, you can have a better idea of what you’d like to ‘sell’ during that particular month.


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